It’s simple!

You upload your design

Just upload your ready to cut design and proceed (see our laser cutting guide if you are not sure). Expect and Email from us !

We analyse it

If there is a problem with your file our in-house designers will find and can fix it. Just follow the link in our email to your personal project page !

They quote it

Qualified local workshops will send you offers. Cost effective or quick turnaround ? Select your preference and click proceed !

mark it urgent

You get it

Delivered to your specified address within the UK

Turn that idea, into a tangible product!

Describe your idea

Use a picture; a sketch; or even some pins from Pinterest. We’ll work with you to understand what you’re looking for, and use our experience to discover the best way of bringing that to life. It’s free to get started.

We’ll get technical!

Our experienced in-house designers will get to work for a flat rate of £30 p/h to turn the ideas and sketches from the consultation, into fully fledged technical drawings – ready to put into the platform and receive bids